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Dai aka Bellvalley Nijinsky Truffle Hunting in Scotland!

Dai went to live with Lynn, Dave and Domino in October 2021 and made the long journey to his new home in Scotland. Dai is a master of all trades and has passed his Bronze and Silver  Trick Training - starting his Gold Level in 2024 and also takes part in Advanced Mantrailing, Trackin, Hoopers and Scentwork - Lynn says he has a busier diary than she does!

"About 15 years ago a local land owner created a private orchard specifically planted with Truffles. Working in conjunction with them, our Trainer Gwen from Tynewater Canine developed a course to train Truffle Hunting Dogs. Dai and I trained with Gwen to teach Dai to hunt Truffles. It is very much a team effort as when Dai indicates, by loud sniff and pawing at the ground between the trees I then carefully dig the truffle/s up. Once the truffle is in my hand I offer it to him to sniff and reward him over it. The truffles found get handed in to the land owner for maintaining and improving the orchard.

Our first actual find, which was not a planted truffle for training, was a 42g truffle in November 22. The Truffle season has started again so we have had a couple more sessions in the orchard. Early August Dai found a 104g truffle, still our biggest truffle find To date in two sessions, Dai has found just over 500g of Truffles. Very proud of my novice Truffle Hunting Beagle - Bellvalley Nijinsky."

Lynn Harley - Sept 2023

xena dog sporrts.jpg

Bellvalley Tina aka 'Xena' owned and loved by Catherine Vincent.

Xena is another Bellvalley Beagle that can turn her paw too just about anything!

Born in June 2020 Xena has been to Crufts 2022 to demo for UK Sniffer Dogs.

Included in her extensive CV is:


  • Passed her UK Sniffer Dogs Bronze Trial

  • Mantrailing

  • Hoopers Foundation award

  • Kennel Club Good Citizen Puppy Foundation, Bronze, Silver and Gold!

  • Currently competing at UK Dog Sports Bronze Level

  • Working towards her UK Tracking Dog Association Foundation Level.

Catherine Vincent - Dec 2023

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Geoff 4.jpg
Geoff 1.jpg

Geoff, aka Bellvalley Adley in the Netherlands.

"My name is Hotsche Luik and I’m Dutch. We train, do research and are involved in specialist detection work worldwide. Eric, my partner also works with hunting dogs and I’m a lecturer at universities and academies, next to that we have our own academy. I have trained amongst other things the first dog in the world to detect a hospital bacteria. We had been world-news for 24 hours and have a publication in the British Medical Journal.

Since I got my first Beagle about 30 years ago Dave, a dog who lived in let’s say, circumstances that where not ideal, I was totally in love with the breed. I was again looking for a nice breeder when in 2018 I lost my beloved Beagle Ralph, Cliffs dad at 16 years old and in a very short time frame and totally unexpected I lost his son, sweet Cliff in 2019 due to cancer. I was lost. Even though we have Field Trial Labradors and Spaniels which Eric is involved with for over 35 years, there was for the first time in almost 30 years no Beagle in my life. 

Being sad and without sleep I had many hours to browse the internet and in this search, I found Bellvalley. I liked everything. Involved in scent work, positive training, puppy culture, I couldn’t believe it. Once we established there was a litter and a possible puppy for me, I travelled to Wales. I wanted to see the parents and the pups, and of course meet the people. 

First of all, Wales. For me being Dutch, Wales is magical. And then I found my little man, Geoff (Jof). Totally in love I had to wait a little bit to pick him up. I came together with Eric and we drove back with Geoff. First staying in England and then on to the Netherlands where we have also our Academy to teach amongst others a lot of detection work. 

In detection my speciality is bio-medical detection, like the hospital bacteria Clostridium Difficile, several cancers, diabetes, Addison, AVM bleeding, migraine etc. etc. At this moment I’m involved in COVID-19 detection with research groups in several countries and specially Canada where a research project is about to start involving one of our Labradors. 

Geoff so far isn’t trained on anything specific yet, he’s still very young and I would love to do something special, but for fun I trained him on laser indication which he likes and does very well. In detection work he works for fun as well on all our equipment. At this moment we are involved in a very Dutch subject. If this starts I would like Geoff to be involved in it together with one of our Labradors.


Geoff, gentle Geoff we call him even though Eric uses different words sometimes for all our dogs, depending how big the hole in our garden is 😊. He is my little shadow, following me around and sleeping at my feet when I’m at my desk. He’s my guy. We’re hoping to have a little girlfriend for him soon. Of course, a Bellvalley girl." 


Hotsche Luik - 24/01/2021


Bellvalley Bella


"Choosing a Bellvalley Beagle was the best decision we have made. Bellvalley prepare and train their special puppies so well that when Bella came to our home she was well prepared for anything. She is so brave and confident, she was acclimatised to many sounds and animals before she came home, including Halloween masks!

Bella is a real treasure, she wants to learn and at 4 months old can already sit, wait, lie down, roll over and give a paw.

Bella has taught us how to keep our house tidy! Anything lying around is fair game and something fun to play with.

Bella is the most beautiful beagle, we get stopped on every walk as people want to meet her. We get lots of compliments on how beautiful she is and how good she is with other dogs and children.

Bellvalley have been a fantastic support and guided us through every step"

Amy Bottomley - 29/12/2020

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