Our Family Farm

Enjoy looking around our Farm and  meeting all our lovely animal friends. 


Above - Bellvalley Casey out for a New Years Day ride, welcoming in 2021.

We are so lucky in that we have so much open space to ride the horses and take the dogs out, most of the time together.  We  have  a stream running through   our farm and  it's a great   place to stop for a cool off during the warm summer months.
We do all our own harvest work -  easy and enjoyable work, if the weather is good.
We milk about 65 friesian cows. The girls can be with us for 12 or more years, Most modern units the average is 3 to 4yrs.
The girls have a quiet and steady life with us, treated as individuals and looked after as such.
At 5:30am you will see them slowly starting to walk down from the fields in their   own good time for milking. Its nice to look out of the bedroom window and see them coming over the hill on their   way down to the parlour for the milking, the first   job of the day .
Because the girls are   quite happy to meet us in the parlour, we can have 10 minutes more in bed before we start the day!
Meet Babble our Saddleback Sow with her piglets.
Our American Quarter Horses helping us around the farm.
Rhia, Wendy's lovely American Quarter Horse Mare.
Sparky enjoying her walk around the farm.  The horses are often allowed to free range the yard.

We hope you enjoyed looking around our little farm and meeting our animals.