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AKA Jiffy

Jiffy is our oldest member of the Bellvalley family and will be 14 on his next birthday.


We brought Jiffy as a youngster from Ken & Veronica of the Dufosee Kennels and he has been a firm favourite ever since.


He had a fantastic showing career in his younger days winning 1st place at Crufts 2 years in a row!

Now a days he has retired from the ring but still enjoys a wonder round the farm at his own pace and is quite often seen 'free ranging' around the fields.

His favourite place is the beach as you can see above and if its dinner time you will see him doing his little dance where he has learnt to stand on his back legs and beg with his paws along with an Aroofff.

Here are some pictures of him with Gareth in his prime.

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