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Bellvalley Stella's Litter

 Stella's puppies have all found homes and are have

been exploring the world with their new families

Stella's little family was born on the 21st of November 2015. Champion Dufosee Hyperion is the father of this stunning litter.

As with all our Bellvalley puppies, Stella's babies have all been through our Neurological Stimulation Program to benefit their learning ability and overall health. Please click here to find out more about Early Neurological Stimulation and why we do it.

They are all very well handled and will begin their Foundation Training at four weeks old. To learn  more about how we raise our special puppies visit our PUPPIES page.


Stella's puppies helping with the washing up, we call it the Beagle pre-wash. - 05/01/16

Cuddles with Gareth and a quick play outside while the rain holds off. - 28/12/15

Stella's Puppies having a quick play time outside. The weather has been so bad reccently, they were lucky to get out today. - 28/12/15

See if you can spot all six!

Stella's Puppies at four weeks old, getting used to standing on the grooming table. - 23/12/15

Meet Bellvalley Prince, stella's little boy.

Meet Bellvalley Kygo, one of stella's boy.

Stella's Puppies in their very own little video, enjoy. - 27/12/15

Meet Bellvalley Blackjack, stella's boy puppy.

And finaly, meet Bellvalley dallas, stella's cheeky little girl. Dallas is yet to meet her new family. If you think you can offer this special girl a home, feel free to contact us.

Here are Stella's Puppies at -four weeks old, they are becoming such fun little characters. They have begun taking food from our hand in preparation for their training.- 21/12/15

Here are Stella's two girls and four boys. In these pictures they are three weeks old and are begining to take in their environment. They are such gorgeous little pups with fun times ahead!

- 11/12/15

Stella had two girls & four boys, here they all are pictured below at 17 days old. They have just opened their eyes and have started to toddle about.

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