“Socialization is vital for proper mental and social development in puppies as well as adult dogs.”

Right from the very beginning, our Bellvalley Beagles are thoroughly socialized and we believe that socialization should be maintained throughout a dog's life. In our adult Beagles socialization serves to keep our dog's lives entertaining and interesting, after all wouldn't you get bored with the same routine and environment?

Our Beagle puppies get thoroughly socialized and habituated with all sorts of objects, textures, sounds, people and animals. On a daily basis our puppies are introduced to new toys and experiences. One of the favorite activities for our Bellvalley puppies is the toy frame, pictured above left. The puppies are also given access to very low raised platforms, ramps and see-saws. This all helps to develop their brain and co-ordination, as well as preparing them both mentally and physically for the outside world.

Here at Bellvalley, even our adult Beagles get continually socialized with new objects, toys and animals. We believe this is an important part of our Beagle's lives as we aim to keep our dog's well-adjusted and interested in their environment.

On a daily basis our Beagles, including the puppies, come into contact with many different animals. Above left is one of our puppies meeting Mist, the farm Collie. Above right is Sam meeting Rhia, the Amercan Quarter Horse, who is used to having the Beagles mulling about her feet.

One of our Bellvalley puppies meeting the pigs, Bacon and Rashers!

Here Jiffy says hello to to young calves, while Gwen looks for some you know what to eat!

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