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Bellvalley Beagles in Their New Homes

 I would just like to thank all the owners who have had puppies from us in the past and then taken the time and trouble to keep us up to date on the progress of our beloved Bellvalley Beagles. I really do appreciate you all keeping in touch!
- Wendy Evans.

We have had a fantastic year with our gorgeous cheeky monkey Lola. She's grown into such a clever and beautiful girl. We can't imagine life without her. We would absolutely love to have another beagle from you to join our family. Are you planning on having any more anytime soon? We had such a fantastic experience getting Lola with you and we wouldn't want to look anywhere else with at least getting your advice. People stop us on walks all the time and comment on how beautiful and well trained she is. She's made lots of beagle friends in the area too. We have joined a local beagle walking group which she absolutely loves. - Becky & Chris, Wiltshire. 22/11/2016

Just wanted to say a big thank you for giving us the most beautiful and loving beagle.
She very quickly became a very important part of our family. The first few months were testing... But we followed all your instructions and stayed strong. It wasn't long before we had over come the "chewing" everything we left in her sights. Her favourite thing to steal was flip flops! We had many odd ones as she would only ever chew one. We were all wearing flip flops sporting little pin marks.
She goes to work with my husband a couple of times a week. She has her own chair in his office and will push anyone who dares to sit on it off. She gets spoiled rotten with cuddles, food treats and lots of walks. She usually comes home grubby and tired.
Peggy is lovely around children and other dogs. She still acts likes a puppy and just wants to play in the park with other dogs. We can never walk any where quickly as people are always stopping us to admire her. So much so that my friend is now buying her very own bellvalley beagle. We can't wait to meet her and see how Peggy is with her.
Peggy still has an issue with food, she see's it.... She eats it.....! (Bit like me)But we are very careful not to leave food within her reach. Although she has a good try.
We absolutely adore her. Thank you so much.

Just wanted to say a massive Thankyou Wendy at Bellvalley Beagles for our gawjuss beaglebum he has completely stolen our hearts.  He was our first dog and we were so pleased that we chose him he is perfect, due to his best start in life in Wendys care to ensure he really fitted in well with our family. He is a cheeky chap with quirky little ways and is always up to mischief. He has the best temperment and loves his cuddles and is on our laps at every oppertunity. He is such a sociable chap and loves the company of other dogs and humans. He is such a loyal boy with a good recall. We are so proud of him everyone we meet falls in love with him. We did a 5 hour round Trip for Ruggers and we would highly recommend Bellvalley Beagles no matter how far you need to travel they are quality well bred puppies. Ruggers was born (19th June 2013). - Lainey Paul, Somerset, 01/08/2016.

In July 2015 our world changed, after getting in contact with Wendy and deciding the time was right we made the 4 hour journey to go and see our baby girl for the first time, Pippa (Bellvalley Class) soon settled in to the family with the thanks to wendy's excellent early socialisation. Pippa spends most of her time on the farm so her being used to farm animals was very important to us. I regularly take pippa on beagle meets and she often runs off lead, I did however invest in a tracker just in case her nose gets the better of her one day. Wendy, was fab before and after we brought Pippa home and I am sure i will be returning in the very near future to get a little sister for our Pippa. Pippa recently turned one and i can honestly say it has been the best year of our lives full of fun and mischief, as i know i have always got Pippa by my side. She is fab at traveling and will travel by car, bus and train meaning we can go absolutely anywhere. - Jennie, Cheshire, 01/08/2016.

Wendy did a brilliant job of ensuring we were the right owners for Humphrey and setting him up to be a health
& loving dog with no personality issues. 

He's a handsome lad and is often told so, much to his delight. 

I would strongly recommend (& have done many times) Bellvalley to anyone considering a Beagle. - Matt, Penarth, 13/06/2016

Bart Beagle is a wonderful addition to out loving and happy home. Everyone comments on what a wonderful temperament he has, and also his lovely looks.
We could never have wished for a better dog. - Jason, Sheffield, 12/6/2016

Just a note to let you know about Bellvalley Gladwin’s progress. He is amazing – we have taken a real character home and he’s a tribute to you, plus Sis and Jiffy of course.

He is so much further along than Bisto was at the same age and I think that is down to you and your rearing system. We have also seen firsthand just how quickly he learns. Boy he’s so quick on the uptake – he is nearly house trained already – just the odd mistake here and there but when he is not distracted he always goes to his litter tray.

He is responding very well to clicker training and all aspects of instruction and settling in.

For the first two mornings he was wake and howling at 5:30 – a mixture of waking and wanting some company plus hunger I think. We waited till he was quiet before responding and this morning I woke him up! To say we are pleased with him is to minimise how we feel – we are ecstatic. - Leigh, Exeter, 20/01/2016

Rusty has settled in amazingly well, he uses his litter tray during the night and asks to go into the garden by day although not always perfect!!!!. He also sleeps all night without whining or barking although does not like the noise of the wind blowing outside ( frightened) only to be woken by me at 6am,not sure that this will last though

He loves his clicker training with Kiana standing on his box sitting and now walking by her side- will send a video to show you soon. - Judith, Brian & Kiana, Cornwall, 16/01/2016

Peggy has been absolutely wonderful!! She has been good as gold all week. She was so good in the car on the way home I kept forgetting she was there. Also been great at night no crying or barking! She has been doing 90 percent of her wee and poo in the garden, she happily lays in the crate and at the moment she is asleep on my lap while I'm watching TV! We love her to bits thank you so much for such a beautiful puppy! - Nikki, 24/04/11.


Just wanted to send u this picture of Peggy on our first camping holiday with her. Ant bought himself a new chair but a certain puppy took a liking to it! Isn't she beautiful? Every where we go people always stop to make a fuss of her and say what a pretty girl she is! She has settled in nicely and is pretty chilled! We absolutely adore her! - Nikki, 16/08/11.

Maisy is growing so fast, and is really getting sure of herself. Everyone who meets her loves her. Training is going really well. She has cracked toilet training with being clean and dry both day and night. I think she has trippled in size and personality.
Anyway we are off to the beach now for an evening walk. - Mel, Zoe & Maisey, 24/04/11.


Dexter is getting on now he is 6 months old! I've attached some pictures for you to see how much he has grown. He is a very big puppy and very strong now!!!
We have finished puppy class and start the "intermediate" class in 2 weeks. Dexter was great in class, there were 3 other Beagles which he really loved.
He is such a lovely dog with great temperament, wherever we take him he is always fussed over by everyone who sees him. He loves going out and about - we took him to the beach for the first time yesterday, he wasn't too keen on the sea at first but seemed to like it after a while. - Claire, Gareth & Dexter, 10/04/11.

Just thought I'd drop you an email to let you know how pheebs is getting on on her first day. Yes 'we' decided to name her Phoebe as it means "beautiful goddess" in ancient greek. She is definately matching her name today!
She has been really well behaved. The journey home was fab she slept most of the way, but was sick once, so will be getting her used to short journeys very quickly I think. She woke about 4 times last night, but after a few minutes of wining she settled down again, and then woke at 6am. Once she was quiet we came down to see her.
She loves her toys and her favourite is a little stuffed basset hound and (low and behold) a mineral water bottle with a little kibble in. She is getting really good at getting food out of her toys isn't she.
She is using the puppy pad and we've only had a few accidents so far. She is such a bundle of joy, I know she will give us lots of pleasure. 

I thought you might like to see some photos of our lovely Abbie. She is just adorable! We still go to training classes and she does really well and loves to run after the other dogs! Her and Mia (mum and dads beagle) are the best of friends! - Rhiannon, Lewis & Abbie, 19/06/10

Bonnie is a great pet and all the family are very fond of her. In fact she is a big hit where ever we go and lots of people have asked where we got her. She has the best 'doggy wiggle' I have seen when she is greeting people.
We go for lovely walks across our fields or on the beach and she is mostly well behaved. I say mostly because she loves playing with any willing dogs we come across during our walks and I usually have to resort to treats to get her to come back to me. Apart from the coming back when she is called she has learnt many other commands and even puts herself to bed at night when told it is bedtime. - Christine & Lewis, Haverfordwest, 27/05/10. (Archie's litter mate)

Just thought I'd drop you a note to let you know how Archie is getting along in his new home, known as the mad house!!! As you can imagine he has just added to the madness but we all love him! He's doing really well, growing so quickly and doing really well with his training. Saying that trust me he has his really naughty moments. Like the fact that my dining room chair will never look the same again or the skirting board for that matter. The chewing is getting better thou. We found one of his teeth the other day which the kids thought was just brilliant. He loves his walks and absolutely adores the beach. He just wants to play with any other dog he meets and is brilliant with the kids. We wouldn't be without him now. We're so glad we got him and that we got him from such a trustworthy breeder. Thanks again for all your help. - Rach, Gav, Rob, Reece, Ollie & Archie, Bridgend, 21/9/09. (Bonnie's littermate)

As you can see from the pictures, Dylan has grown alot! We're really enjoying him & spend lots more time walking through woodlands & fields out on our walks! He loves being outdoors, but come the evening he likes nothing better than snuggling up with us on the sofa. To say he enjoys his food would be a huge understatement & he has had many compliments about his coat, markings & looks!!
We put alot of thought into the decision to get a beagle and definately made the right choice having him from you! - Kevin, Jayne & Girls, 08/07/09.

It's Sharon & Paul from Manchester who bought one of your puppies.
Just thought I'd give you an update on how Honey's doing and send you a few pics, since she's now 1 year old. She had her favourite meal of Tuna, Pasta and Natural Yoghurt for her Birthday Tea.
She's doing great and gets spoilt rotten. She loves her walks in the fields at the back of our house. She's very good and hasn't run off yet! We all went on holiday in May to the Lake District and stopped in a lodge. Honey really enjoyed herself, even if we did walk her little legs off. She even went on the steam boat that goes along Lake Windermere. Since she behaved herself, we have another holiday booked in September to Scotland. Everyone we meet says how lovely she is. So thank you for letting us have her. You have done a great job at breeding her. - Sharon & Paul, Manchester 2008.

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