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Holistic Care

“We try our best to avoid the overuse of harsh chemicals”

In today’s modern world our dogs are routinely exposed to chemicals, medicines and other harmful substances, including additives and preservatives in their food, steroids, flea and worm treatments,  pesticides and household chemicals.


At Bellvalley we aim to avoid unnecessary exposure  to such chemicals. Instead, we use natural, non-toxic therapies and herbal supplement to support the dog’s body as a whole. We believe that prevention is better than the cure and we aim to accomplish this through our Beagles’ nutrition and lifestyle by supporting health and preventing disease.

We are certainly not against vaccination and medicines but we ARE against the overuse which leads to antibiotic and wormer resistance and increases your dogs risk of cancers and other such diseases.

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chemical free beagles

We try our best to avoid using artificial parasite treatments such as spot on flea treatments and wormers unless there is a parasitic burden - why treat for something that isn't there? You wouldn't take antibiotics 'in case' you had an infection, you would want to know you needed them first.


When using these treatments you have to remember you are putting a harsh pesticide on the back of your dog’s neck or inside your dog’s tummy. I ask you to consider how these products work.

Holistic beagle breeder
chemical free dog breeder

At Bellvalley we use many different powerful herbs as alternatives to using chemical treatments. For external parasites such as fleas, ticks and mites we use a ready mixed herbal supplement called ‘Billy No Mates’ by CSJ.


We have found this supplement to be very effective in repelling external parasites and are yet to find a flea on our Beagles while we are feeding this and you should see the places they go on a daily basis including through the woods and in and out of bushes and brambles.


 We also recommend a herbal product called ‘Verm-X’ for internal parasite control. In our dog’s daily food we add a variety of beneficial herbs for overall health and wellbeing, including neem, kelp, rosemary, seaweed, turmeric and coconut oil but most importantly WormCounts! All of the above will be explained in more detailed if you have a Bellvalley Beagle.

Below are a few links to helpful herbal websites and products.

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