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Health Testing

“We pride ourselves in breeding healthy, happy Beagles"

Here at Bellvalley we treat the health and welfare of our Beagles with the utmost importance. We firmly believe in breeding to improve the breed and avoid health problems.

That is why all of our Beagles are, as recommended by the Kennel Club, are health tested for MLS, NCCD and Lafora Epilepsy.

We have also gone the step further as recommended by the Beagle Health Co-Ordinator also tested our dogs for IGS.


Like all species, dogs have a variety of health issues but the Beagle, which is an old breed, thankfully lacks any physical exaggeration that might impact on its’ wellbeing.  Beagles have benefited greatly from centuries of careful breeding to maintain a healthy and moderate breed.

Modern, responsible breeders take advantage of advanced health screening and testing to work to eliminate genetic disorders and illnesses.

For comprehensive and extremely knowledgeable information on all aspect of Beagle health, we recommend these excellent websites –

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