“A tired and mentally stimulated Beagle is a happy Beagle.”
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Here at Bellvalley Beagles we aim to provide each and every dog in our care with an enriching and stimulating environment. We aim to achieve this by ensuring our Beagles are provided with an interesting environment to explore, as well as toys and natural chews to stimulate them both mentally and physically.

agility beagle

Our Beagles greatest resource for enrichment is their outdoor environment, the farm. This is where they have the freedom to do the things Beagles love to do. And anyone who knows Beagles knows what we mean! Below left is Gwen enjoying a smelly Beagle past time and below right is Sam checking out an alluring scent.

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Bellvalley Beagles are rarely on leads and have the freedom to explore the whole farm, from the woodlands to the farthest fields. Luckily for the Beagles there is a freshwater river running through our farm, so there are opportunities for regular pit stops. Our Beagles thoroughly enjoy their daily walks around the farmland, often they will be gone for hours but they always come back in time for tea!

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As you can see, our Bellvalley Beagles are living the good life, with freedom to be Beagles, even if that does mean smelling rather free too!


Below, Gareth takes the pack out for a walk across the fields and look at that view.

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