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“A tired and mentally stimulated Beagle is a happy Beagle.”

Here at Bellvalley we aim to provide each and every dog in our care with an enriching and stimulating environment. We do this by ensuring our Beagles are provided with interesting environments to explore, as well as toys and games and natural chews to stimulate them both mentally and physically.

Our Beagles greatest resource for enrichment is the great outdoors - the farm!

This is where they have the freedom to do the things Beagles love to do. And anyone who knows Beagles knows what we mean!

They all have the freedom to be off lead and explore and sniff which is so important for their mental well-being.

We live very rurally here and we do appreciate not everyone has undisturbed land on their doorstep but there are so many secure fields in all areas of the UK now it is a great idea to hire one out at few times a week and let them have their freedom, better still if you can train a solid recall starting from from a puppy and attend training classes there is no reason why your beagle cannot be let off the lead.

We hear time and time again "Ive been told you cannot let beagles of the lead" and whilst this maybe true for some it is not a blanket approach for the whole breed. With persistence and positive reinforcement training it is absolutely possible.

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As you can see, our Bellvalley Beagles are living the good life, with freedom to be Beagles, even if that does mean smelling rather free too!


Above, Gareth takes the pack out for a walk across the fields and look at that view.

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