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“We firmly believe in feeding a diet which will benefit the whole body.”

Here at Bellvalley Beagles we take great care in choosing the best nutrition for our Beagles; after all you are what you eat!

Beagles, like all dogs, are descendants of the wolf and although now they may look and behave differently their digestive system has changed very little. 


In the wild, wolves live off prey, often eating the whole carcass. This is why we feed our Beagles biologically appropriate food, for us this means a fresh/raw diet of meat, fish, bones, veg and fruit.


We only feed our Beagles a diet of high quality meat and minimal carbohydrates, with no artificial chemicals, colourings or flavourings.  

We expect our new puppy owners to follow through with this diet and use of minimal chemicals and un-natural ingredients. We recommend reading 'Honey's Natural Feeding Handbook' for an insight into the horrors of commercial pet foods!

There is also a great website called AllAboutDogFood which analysis's the content of a huge range of different dog foods. Have a is very surprising how little protein/meat content there are in some of the main brands and how full of Carbs they are - the equivalent of us eating processed junk food daily.

Click on the link below which will take you to the website.


All our Beagles are given natural, healthy treats to keep them entertained and stimulated. Such treats include hooves, tripe sticks, raw bones and dried fish sticks.

We get most of our air dried natural treats from:

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